How to buy a car from UAE

How to buy a car from UAE

How to buy a car from UAE

How to buy a car from UAE

1. Car Inspection 
Clients can choose for a car inspection by Alpha Worldwide or official dealer inspection. We can provide spot inspection and garage inspection with the lift.

2. Car Price Negotiation 
Since we are regular buyers, at many times we have a better scope of negotiating, but the client is free to negotiate himself directly.

3. Export paper process 
First, we need to create a traffic file at the RTA on the client’s name with their passport copy, unless they already have a file. Next,

a- Buying a car with a valid registration: 
We have to cancel the existing registration and make a direct export paper, no test required.

b- Buying a car with an expired registration: 
We have to cancel the expired registration, do an export test and then make the export paper.

c- Buying a car with a cancelled registration (ownership paper/procession certificate):
We have to do an export test and then make the export paper.

PS: Export test is a physical test at the RTA (Road Transport Authority)

4. Local logistics (Moving the car from RTA to our warehouse)

a- With export number plate: 
The client can choose to put export number plates (blue plates) on the car (valid for 1 week). Regions like France, Italy and a few more allow owners to drive the car up to 3 months on the Dubai export plate. The export test with the number plate is slightly more than without. We also need to make an insurance and an additional number plate fee applies.

b- With our recovery truck: 
Cheap and efficient way of moving the car without export plates. We operate with premium full down recovery which is best for low Sports cars as well.

5. Car Shipping from UAE 
To almost every port in the world there is a weekly vessel sailing from Jebel Ali, Dubai.

Car Shipping to The Netherlands /  Car Shipping to Germany
We can offer 2 options here as follows

a- Priority shipping: 
Car will be shipped within 10 days. Nobody in the market offers this, it's either a 20ft separate container immediately or waiting time up-to 1 month on consolidation.

b- Economy consolidation: 
Waiting time before shipping is between 3 weeks to 1 month.

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