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We have the networks and experience to source the car of your choice from across the gulf region.

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We then inspect the car of your choice with our specialised mechanics or the authorized dealer themselves.

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We can also arrange to take payments in Europe through our partners when there is necessity 

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Storage and insurance

We have enclosed yards with outdoor and indoor storage, surveillance cameras and 24 hours security.

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Car shipping

We have a good relationship with all major shipping lines, which gives our clients the benefit of choice and pricing.

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Door delivery

Buy a car in Dubai and get it delivered to your door step in any part of Europe & UK.

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Frequently asked client questions

Frequently asked Questions

How much does it cost to ship a car?

The cost will be based on a couple of things; pickup and delivery locations, distance, open or enclosed, type of vehicle and vehicle’s condition. To get the exact cost of your vehicle transport, we recommend speaking to our transport specialists with the specifics about your transport.

Does the size of my vehicle matter?

Yes – The size of your vehicle determines if an oversize vehicle transport service is needed. Larger vehicles occupy the same amount of space used by two standard mid-size cars.

Can I transport an inoperable vehicle?

Yes – We can transport non-running vehicles. Although your vehicle is inoperable, it must still roll, steer and break properly. Make sure you communicate to our transport specialist that your car is non-operational.

Do I have to be present for pickup/delivery?

Either you or someone you have authorised can be present during pick up / delivery. We maintain a receiving report to record the physical condition of the car that will be presented upon request.