Where to buy cars from the UAE

RTA (Road Transport Authority)

Road Transport Authority Dubai

RTA is the Road Transport Authority, a government body who are authorized to do the ownership transfers and export tests and documentation for all vehicle regarding matters. This website will give more information on how to buy a car from Dubai and how to export a car from Dubai.

Vehicle Auctions

Auctions are a good place to find and buy accident cars from Dubai, buying used cars from Dubai, buying bank reprocessed cars from Dubai and buying insurance cars from Dubai. We can arrange for car inspection, documentation, pick and car shipping from Dubai.

Emirates Auction

Vehicle Selling Websites

You can alternatively visit any of the below links to see almost all the cars for sale in UAE. These websites give you direct access to the owners whom you can negotiate prices directly with or thorough ALPHA services. Once you choose your car, we can assist with the entire process of car inspection, car export documentation, car shipping from Dubai.

How to buy a car from UAE
Importing a Car to Europe