Car Shipping from UAE to Poland

Car Shipping from UAE to Poland

We have shipped over 500 cars to different regions of Poland. If you are from Poland by now you would have figured out that it is better to ship the car to Bremerhaven or ship the car to Rotterdam and the move the car by inland transportation to Poland.

This is because the import tax structure is more favorable and cost effective if you import the car to Rotterdam or import the car to Bremerhaven and not directly import the car to Poland even though the sea port of Gdynia is well equipped.

We could assist you with the entire process from inspecting a car in the gulf to buying and shipping the car to Poland, via Rotterdam/ Bremerhaven or even directly shipping the car to Poland, Gdynia.

Please feel free to get in touch by mail or WhatsApp to request for a quote. We arrange full container load (FCL), less that container load / consolidated car shipping (LCL) and even RORO for bulk car shipments.

We not only assist in shipping cars from UAE but also shipping cars from Kuwait, shipping cars from KSA, Shipping cars from Oman, Shipping cars from Bahrain, Shipping car from Qatar to Poland.

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