Importing a vehicle to Kuwait

Importing a vehicle to Kuwait

Importing a vehicle to Kuwait

Information on importing a vehicle to Kuwait

The initial step for anybody choosing to import a vehicle to Kuwait is to determine qualification. Kuwait has import rules for different types of vehicles.

Kuwait Vehicle Import Guidelines:

  1. Non-nationals can only have their employer import the car under his/her name.
  2. Only Kuwaiti nationals can import a vehicle into Kuwait without a sponsor.
  3. The vehicle can’t be over 5 years of age from the current year. The maximum for trucks is 10 years

If any of the requirements above aren’t met, at that point your vehicle will not clear customs. Although entry permits can be obtained by some diplomats or under special circumstances and are subject to approval by the Kuwait government.

If all the requirements above are in check, the next step would be to book your import by contacting us.


Customs duty for vehicles in Kuwait is 5{cc65922836f1bcfc708e8279988eae83cba3d70b1dd21d58b85b675d1622b208} CIF (Cost including freight). The 5{cc65922836f1bcfc708e8279988eae83cba3d70b1dd21d58b85b675d1622b208} is based on the total value of the vehicle, marine insurance rate (if applicable) and the freight.

Nonetheless, additional duties and taxes may be applicable depending upon the nature of import and the status of the consignee (the individual transporting or receiving the vehicle in Kuwait).

Statistical Export Declaration – Makasa

Cars that were purchased or previously imported in any GCC countries with taxes paid for that country can apply for a Statistical Makasa from the customs of that country in order to save on paying taxes again in Kuwait.

As per Dubai custom’s department, declarants can avoid repeated payment of duty to the customs office of destination in the GCC state provided that the statistical export declaration carries a MAKASA stamp.


Documentation and Paperwork for Import

As you would know we provide a hassle-free experience, but that does involve complete and clear documentation. For any vehicle transportation from to Kuwait we’d require;

  1. Valid Driver’s License.
  1. Copy of Passport.
  2. Purchase Invoice / Bill of Sale (Price, Date, and Location of Original Purchase)
  3. Bill of Lading.
  4. Power of Attorney.
  5. Original Title of Automobile.
  6. Proof of ownership.
  7. Certificate of origin.

*There’s a 5{cc65922836f1bcfc708e8279988eae83cba3d70b1dd21d58b85b675d1622b208} duty fee that’s owed at customs. This 5{cc65922836f1bcfc708e8279988eae83cba3d70b1dd21d58b85b675d1622b208} fee is taken from the value of the automobile, the cost of shipping, and the marine insurance fee.

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Ports of Kuwait

Kuwait has two main port all in the proximity of the city, located within the Persian Gulf;

  1. Port of Shuwaikh
  2. Port of Shuaiba

Detailed Shipping Methods

Three strategies can be applied in terms of shipping a vehicle to Kuwait of which two would fall under sea freight cargo whereas the other one would be air freight cargo.

Sea Freight

  1. Shipping via container;

This is the most ideal strategy while importing from the USA or Europe and gives the capability to ship either single or multiple vehicles as per the requirement. We offer consolidation based on availability in order to make this cost effective. Although a personal container would be ideal as it reduces the waiting time and you have full ownership of the container. Transit time

  1. Shipping via Ro-Ro;

Roll on Roll off is widely used by vehicle brand markers to transport the entire fleet at the best rates but that wouldn’t mean someone can’t ship a single car with Ro-Ro. Although any additional goods or personal effects items cannot be shipped with this mechanism. Moreover, the limitations for Ro-Ro are that not all ports are equipped for this service worldwide and it would take the same time frame as a container to reach Kuwait.

Air Freight

By far the fastest method to ship with barely any transit days. However, it comes with a huge price tag and generally relies upon one’s requirement. This type is preferred if vehicles are to showcase or in terms of a racing event.

Road Transport for GCC countries

This would be ideal and a cheaper method to transport your vehicle from across GCC to Kuwait. The vehicle can be moved on a container with a trailer depending upon the dimensions and the weight of the said vehicle. Moreover, if multiple vehicles are to be shipped, a car carrier which holds a maximum of 8 cars can be used to transport the cars to Kuwait with door delivery.

Popular cars in Kuwait

Want to import a car but not sure about the popular ones around Kuwait?

  • Mercedes G-Class (G 63, G 55, G 500)
  • Range Rover (Autobiography, Vogue, Sport)
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Nissan Patrol

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