Carnet from UAE/Dubai

Carnet from UAE/Dubai

Carnet from UAE/Dubai

Carnet from UAE/Dubai

Planning to take your car on your vacation or business trip internationally? You’ve come across the right article.

This complete guide plans to give you a reasonable understanding and significant knowledge on the seemingly perplexing procedures and documentation associated with vehicle shipping measures.

Alpha Worldwide with offices and agents all around the globe is devoted to the transportation of automobiles, permanent or temporary exportation of private/commercial vehicles for business or leisure. We thrive to achieve the best customer experience with hassle-free shipments.

Alpha Worldwide is aware of all the procedures and regulations of handling Carnets all around the globe. There are two types of Carnets available in UAE;

  1. Carnet de Passage en Douane (CPD) – can be used for private or commercial motor and motor sport vehicles temporarily exported to CPD member countries.
  2. ATA Carnet – are used to claim relief under temporary admission, from the customs charges normally due on importation for goods temporarily imported for Exhibition purposes.
  1. Passport copy
  2. Valid UAE visa
  3. Emirates ID
  4. Vehicle registration
  5. Driver’s licence
  6. Transit time and shipping method for intended port of destination
Export Procedure from UAE

Shipping duration and pricing vary according to destination, please feel free to get in touch with us or explore our website for more information.

Once the checklist above has been completed the next step would be the shipping process. The entire export release process takes at least 2 weeks so any freight booking would have to be done keeping the estimation in mind.

Insurance can be obtained through your current insurer for international coverage or we could assist you to get insurance from a company located in the destination country. Moreover, a marine insurance cover is highly advised to prevent any loss or damage to your vehicle while at sea which can be arranged by us through the top insurance firms in UAE.

Obtaining the export certificate

In order to obtain this, a deposit would be required, and a fee would be charged to issue the temporary export certificate. The deposit is calculated based on several factors; make and model of the car, year of manufacture, destination and the nationality.

Carnet documentation and procedure

Depending on the destination, CPD or ATA Carnet (only if the destination is not a member state that accepts CPD) is attained for a temporary vehicle export. Carnet de Passage en Douane (CPD) popularly known as the “trip ticket” in the Middle East is a customs document that certifies duty or tax exemptions for temporary vehicle exports.


CPD guarantees that you don’t need to pay customs obligations or any other levies when it comes to temporary export for a vehicle from Dubai/UAE to any member country that acknowledges CPDs. The CPD is acknowledged by 65 nations around the globe. To verify if the destination is a member of CPD, please visit

Moreover, you don’t required to change your number plate for temporary exports meaning you could drive around the destination with your Carnet document with the same Dubai/UAE plates for a maximum period of six months.

The fastest and most convenient option to ship with Alpha Worldwide would be with Air Freight although it is very expensive. Nonetheless, Carnet vehicles can also be shipped through Sea Freight with Roll-on Roll-off and container methods but with higher transit days which means if the car must reach the destination on a given day, would have to be planned accordingly and shipped.

Having offices all around the globe has made it convenient for us to make the import clearance, documentation and unloading for customers with CPD hassle-free and efficient. We can also provide doorstep delivery and return options from the said destination back to UAE with all import clearance, unloading and doorstep delivery.

How to get it

  • A special application form must be filled and signed by the car owner.
  • Photocopy of passport and UAE residence visa.
  • Photocopy of car registration.
  • Copy of valid UAE Driving License.
  • Cash or bank guarantee depending on the customers’ country of destination.

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