Your trusted partner to source the best deals on cars for sale, inspect car, buying and shipping cars to you hassle free from the Gulf.



We have the networks and experience to source the car of your choice from across the Gulf region.

Middle East currently being one of the biggest consumers of cars; European, American and Japanese brands means the availability of used cars is also plenty. We can even source luxury yachts if required.

We travel to all the sourcing countries on a regular basis to make your experience with us quick and seamless.


Pre-purchase car inspection before you buy!

Once you find a car, we personally verify that the seller is genuine.

We then inspect the car through our specialist mechanics or the authorized dealer as you choose.

We check for accidents, service history, paint jobs, mechanical & technical condition and ownership titles of the car.

Secure your money while buying a car overseas.

Being able to secure your money to purchase a car overseas may be a task, but we simplify this to its best.

Pay via documented bank transfer or though any of our local partners whom you can physically visit and sign a legal contract to make sure your money is secured at all times.


We are one of the most reputed agents physically present in the region, having shipped over 5,000 cars in 5 years.

Therefore, most car showrooms and sellers know we are serious buyers. This gives us a better scope of negotiating, but the client is free to negotiate directly.

We have sourced and exported over a 3,000 cars to the European region and can also arrange to take payments in Europe through our offices/partners.

Storage and Insurance

We have enclosed yards with outdoor and indoor storage, surveillance cameras and 24 hours security.

We can also offer long term storage of cars with regular maintenance if required.

From the time you decide to buy a car till the delivery, there are several steps, teams and organizations involved in the process. We have had a 100{cc65922836f1bcfc708e8279988eae83cba3d70b1dd21d58b85b675d1622b208} success rate in satisfied delivery of cars.

Our yards are fully insured but we always encourage our clients to insure their cars from the purchase till delivery to assure a completely secure process.

Car Shipping

Usually, our clients accumulate 2 to 3 cars at a time before shipping, so we offer a safe storage option of up to 80 cars at our fully insured yard.

We have a good track record and relationship with all major shipping lines, which gives our clients the benefit of choice and pricing.

We handle all export tests and paper work from the Gulf.

We use the best quality of materials (straps/wood/seals/ padding) to make sure the cars are 100{cc65922836f1bcfc708e8279988eae83cba3d70b1dd21d58b85b675d1622b208} safe and stable in the container.

Door Delivery

We can also arrange for unloading of cars, customs clearance, homologation, registration and delivery for our clients at the most competitive pricing.

Buy a car in Dubai and get it delivered to your door step in any part of Europe & UK